Self- care. Do you?

The term self-care started in the 70s already and has been revived. It covers different approaches like creating healthy habits like mindfulness, sleep, nutritious food and exercise.

Most of know what we should be doing, however, not enough people do. The affect this has on us as population is immense. Obesity, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, depression and other mental health issues are prevalent more than than ever.

What are some of the reasons for NOT looking after yourself? Here is a list:

  • If someone lacks close connections in their lives, they are more likely to be unhealthy. Connection and belonging are essential for a healthy and happy life. Whether it’s friendship, marriage, or family — humans need close connections to be healthy.

  • Fear of failure is a big one. If someone starts and commits to ‘getting fit and healthy’ and then fails, you become a failure in your own eyes. Mostly, the greater fear is to be a failure in other peoples eyes.

  • Sitting too much! A big issue in today’s society. Too many people spend too much time sitting in front of screens both at work and at home which in turn increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and death, regardless of physical activity elsewhere.

  • Not breathing enough!! Yes, breathing. Breathing properly increases the immune system, slows down the heart which in turns reduces stress and anxiety and, it improves sleep. Amazing!!

  • Lack of creativity. Creativity is so good for our health in whatever way we can do it. Painting, sculpting, gardening, sewing and singing! Think of what you enjoy and do it!!

  • Indoors too much!! The great outdoors is called great for a reason. Nature gives us so much if we explore and notice. Go for a walk and look around. Studies show that exploring the outdoors and spending time in nature can increase our confidence and improve our ability to interact with others.

  • Consumption instead of contribution. Contribution is a human need. Within this we cover significance, self-esteem, growth and love. When we give, we get all these needs covered. it gives us meaning to life.

    When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.

    —Eleanor Roosevelt

There are too many reasons NOT to help ourselves so go on, what can you do differently today?