What's up? What do you need?

I’ve been thinking of communication, what we say and how we respond.

Do we really want to know how someone is when we ask ‘How are you?’ ? Or are they just words we say and don’t expect a proper answer?

I guess it depends on who we ask and where. There are definately situations where I really want to know how someone is and other times less so. To be asked and the person really means it, feels really good. The need to be heard is great and we don’t get to be heard often enough. How can this improve? How can we make time to actually show that we care about our family and friends?

Small gestures go a long way so even of we just send a text saying ‘thinking of you’ might make a big difference to someone. Putting a note in your child’s lunch box also shows care and love. It’s quite easy if we think about it and act.

A lot of people put up fronts that they are strong and don’t need help. A ‘I can do it myself’ attitude is also around and yes, maybe you can do it yourself, but sharing and accepting help feels even better!

The act of giving is enormously rewarding and if we don’t allow others to help, we take away that feeling for the person who is desperate to feel of use and want to help.

Who can you let in? Who can you help? How and when?

The 6 Human needs are in all of us and this is something we talk about at some of our workshops. When we understand these better and get where the behaviour is coming from, we can help the person and ourselves in a more effective and compassionate way.

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