Mind breaking the silence with 'Goals Worth Talking About'

Have you heard about the new initiative that MIND (Mental Health Charity) has launched with the English Football League (EFL)?

On the back of World Mental Health Day 2019 last week with the focus on suicide awareness, they launched ‘Goals Worth Talking About’. The campaign worked alongside football in the knowledge that football is often an area of common ground and a great place to encourage men, in particular, to talk to each other.

“Football fans at a number of EFL Clubs across the country have voted for their club’s most iconic EFL moment; each of which is set to be immortalised as street art in their respective cities.

The murals will appear around the country with the aim of highlighting how football is often a conversation starter and the importance of talking when it comes to mental health support.

The aim is to improve the nation’s mental health and wellbeing and the approach to mental health in football.”

Paul Farmer Chief Executive of Mind said,

“We know that football and emotion go hand in hand. Football has the power to bring about real change. We hope that by harnessing the passion and emotion fans have about their clubs’ most significant goal through these fantastic pieces of street art, we can encourage more people to start up conversations about their emotions and ultimately their mental health too.”

What a great initiative and let’s hope this really gets men talking about their feelings and mental health and we can start to decrease the worrying suicide statistics.

It’s worth talking about!