New Year...New Story?

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, although I do remember them being quite fun conversation pieces in my youth…however, the start of a New Year is a great time for a bit of reflection and gratitude.

I don’t know about your year, but 2018 had an unhealthy amount of troubling times and health worries for a lot of people in my world. From cancer diagnosis, to sudden heart attacks, to crime stories and unfortunate accidents and fall down’s - it was starting to all be a bit too much. I’ve been truly humbled by a family member who has gone through very troubling health concerns who never once said ‘why me’. He argued, ‘why not me?’ A lesson for us all and a hard one to get your head around.

So what is my response? Instinctively, I want to curl up in a corner and hold my loved ones close to me and do my utmost to keep them safe. To bury my head in the sand and just ignore the world around me. Or, an alternative: Be honestly grateful for what I do have in the life.

So, as we start 2019 it’s a great time to take stock of your gratitudes and verbalise them. To start the new year fully intending to live each moment to your best. To be a citizen of this world and those around you and cut the strings of negativity from days past.

New perspective is within your control. It is something you can purposefully do and manage and it just takes a decision to change your thoughts; your self-talk; the stories you tell yourself. To re-write your mantra’s and excuses and wake yourself up to new opportunities, people and experiences.

So. Today. Focus on those things in your life that you can be grateful for. Say thank you. Thank whoever needs to hear it and don’t let moments pass. Our lives matter and it’s people and emotional connections that make the difference.

Start 2019 with a clean page and fill it with stories that matter.


new year.png