Talking about the sensitive stuff

What is the sensitive stuff we need to talk about? 

There are lots of topics we might find hard to approach with our kids. Sex, drugs, alcohol, body image and relationships are all things we need to think about how to and when to talk about in a good way.

Our kids are growing faster than ever and with this also comes staying ahead of it all by being informed, aware and not afraid to talk.

When discussing this with parents, some think it's all too soon and why should we talk to the kids about sex earlier than we did as children?

The unfortunate truth is that they will find out one way or the other and as far as I am concerned, I'd rather be the one who tells them in a way I think is appropriate. 

They will still be exposed at various times but at least, if they have heard it from us parents, they might be able to process and understand things in a better way. Also, saying no and I don't want to see or hear this, can become a possibility.

Knowledge and awareness is key to all of us and the sooner we dare to tackle these topics with our kids, the stronger they become in handling the situation.

There is a lot of information available so go on, become an informed and aware parent!!

A good article here:

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