Oh Sunny Days....

We’re almost ½ way through the holidays and the sunny days are still possible – so keep your children as busy as possible with outdoor activities.  Here are a few to try:-

  • Create a garden or a fairy garden.  Let your children document the creation by taking pictures and keeping a journal of how the plants/herbs are growing.  Plant seeds together and watch them grow.

  • Build a house:  Gather old cardboard boxes, coloured paper and go for it.  The house can be for lego characters, dolls, handmade people or even garden insects!

  • Feed the butterflies.  There are loads of ideas on the internet of how to encourage butterflies into your garden and how to feed them and keep them coming back to you.

  • Older kids:  Make a sun dial/sun clock outside – get them to figure it out!

  • Camp outside – with dad and mum if needed – or if they are older on their own or with friends.

  • Make a ‘creativity space’ for the holidays and let them use it!  This can be in the garage, in a sheltered corner of the garden or even indoors.

  • Buy off cuts of wood or collect large unwanted storage boxes and make ‘bean bag in the hole’ / backyard bowling alley / ‘darts’ board type of gamesetc

  • Movie night:  Send out ‘kids made’ invites, make cup cakes, decorate the room and have fun

  • Tapestry table anyone?  Get some hessian and cover an old table or picture frame.  Use chalk to stencil pictures and buy loads of different coloured wool and get them weaving…

  • Last but not least:  Blocks!  Lego / wood / paper / cardboard….create and play

Happy holidays!