Sensory Overload Anyone?

Do you ever feel like your child is becoming overwhelmed by lights, sounds, activity or even you?  Do you worry that they are ‘not coping’ with everything happening around them – or not reacting the same way as other children?

Here are a few signs that may indicate your child is battling with sensory stimuli:-

  • Crying
  • Quick change of mood
  • Irritability
  • Nervous 
  • Strange behaviour (holding their ears; hiding their face; running away from the situation)
  • A blank or removed expression on their faces
  • Rocking back and forth or even knocking their heads against a wall
  • Falling asleep unexpectedly
  • A strange ‘keening’ sound with agitation

If you notice any of these behaviours – make some changes to your child’s environment: -

·        Keep it calm and simple.   Slow down!

·        Keep the TV and radio off or on low volume

·        Stay away from big crowds or busy playgrounds/shops

·        Plan ‘sensory’ activities (clothes shopping/dentist etc) when your child is at their best (after meal time and naps)

·        Talk.  To everyone involved with your child and work together.

·        Hold your child in a tight bear hug or wrap them up in a big towel so they feel contained and ‘held’ when they are becoming overwhelmed.

·        Create a ‘calm corner’ for them in the house with pillows, a tent for darkness or anything else that will make them feel safe and calm.

Remember:  Sensory Overload does not mean there is something wrong with your child.  But it may mean you need to learn more about it to help your child cope better.  If the behaviour persists, please talk to a health professional as your child may be on the spectrum for sensory processing disorder.