It's OK to do nothing.....

It's been weeks and weeks of holidays and there are still more to come.  Are your kids starting to whine and moan - get under your feet?

Instead of jamming these last few weeks with more 'things to do' - remember that it's also OK to do nothing.

Because 'doing nothing' - isn't really doing nothing.  If you are living and breathing and talking you are doing something.  If you've ever caught yourself saying 'do something useful' to your child - have a stop and think what you are really saying.  'Useful' implies the future - of use to you for some future benefit - but what about now?  Today?  This moment?

Try to lead by example to show your children that to live in the moment with all your senses being savoured can actually make you feel alive and that's OK.  That being 'aimless', 'restless' or even 'bored' can actually spark a part of your brain that leads to creativity and imagination.  

Why do authors, artists, creative minds like to go for walks or hole themselves up in retreats? It's because allowing yourself to 'not think' often leads to great thoughts!    Many people will find creative and unusual ways to escape boredom that would never have entered their minds if they hadn't been bored in the first place.  And aimless thinking helps to stop tunnel vision if you are too focused or intent on one goal.  If you have no set end in mind - you allow your mind and yourself to explore ideas and options.

And remember, our brains and our children's brains need downtime.  We all need time to recharge; to process, consolidate and reinforce what's come before.

So do nothing!  Who knows what you'll end up doing !