Holiday times ahead! Yay or nay?!

The summer holidays are upon us and with them comes, hopefully,  a lot of family time. How that works out varies. Some families enjoy most of it and some struggle not to have a break down!

What do we need to do to make the holidays work for all of us? 

Here are a few tips that can be helpful:

- Plan the week as much as possible. Knowing ahead of time will save a lot of hassle.

- Take turns in inviting the kids friends over, hopefully it will be returned! Maybe their parents too?!

- Make a list of 'to do' things at your home that kids can help with.

- Plan a holiday scheme day at least one day a week if you can.

- Doing nothing for a day is great too. Mum or dad can get on with their own stuff.  All kids have the ability to entertain themselves in the garden or their rooms. Boredom brings out creativity and forces the children to think and come up with ideas of activities. 

- Look up ideas on line for activities to do locally. There is a lot on, just ask google!

- Take the time to have discussions and get to know what the kids think about current issues, music, the internet do's and don'ts, drugs and alcohol. There is so much worth talking about!

There is no doubt holidays can be tough and intense but if we prepare and discuss expectations and house rules before, it will help to keep things as they should be.

Last but not least, chose your battles and enjoy your kids!! They grow up very fast!