Keeping Kids Entertained.....

Following on from last week's blog - here are some more ideas to keep the kids entertained these holidays:-

1.  Make a den.  Either inside the house - or in the garden.  Let them create it, build it and play in it.  Use a place you won't need to 'tidy' for a few weeks so it can be their play space for the holidays.  Think tents / tee pees / upside down chairs covered with get the idea !

2.   Make a Water Wall.  How to create happy kids...let them play with water.  Find a shady spot in the garden and get building....see picture below

3.  Chalk is great to 'draw' games onto tarmac or patio's (or use masking tape) to create boardgames outside.  Hopscotch; snakes and can do anything (google 'backyard board games').  If you are courageous - let them 'draw' artwork with chalk or masking tape on the fence or driveway.

4.  Slip 'n Slide.  With the weather so great - make your own slip 'n slide.  Kids love it.  All you need is a patch of grass and a slight slope and some dishwashing liquid.  Maybe the neighbour's kids can join in?

5.  Create an Obstacle Course.  Either inside the house (place cushions as stepping stones & obstacles to climb over and under) or outside (use hoops, logs, cones, old cardboard, bin liners etc).  Time everyone with the challenge to increase personal times over the holidays.  Change the course daily and get the kids to make the changes!  Invite friends over for 'races'.

6.  Have a scavenger hunt.  Kids of all ages love this and they are great fun and can take a lovely long time to complete. Use google for loads of ideas of what to include - just remember to set the rules out before you start - any fights and the hunt is over!  Make it challenging and accessible for all age groups and try and include friends/neighbours.  A great idea is to work in pairs on the hunt to make it more social and less competitive!

Happy holidays....


 A 'Water Wall' is a fantastic activity for kids

 A 'Water Wall' is a fantastic activity for kids