Why does my child want attention all the time ?

For most parents, 'attention-seeking' is a word they will use with their child (ren) more often than they like.  It's seen as one of the most common types of misbehaviour in children and is often confused with 'bad' behaviour.

 At its core, attention seeking behaviour from a child is a call to keep you close to them / busy with them or simply focused on them.  It's important to understand the 'why' behind this behaviour and then to respond in a way that will reduce the behaviour in the future.

Here are some ideas:-

1.  Don't respond to the attention seeking behaviour but focus on something else entirely

2.  If another child is behaving well, give that child positive attention.

3.  When the attention seeking child changes their behaviour in line with your expectations and needs - provide lots of positive comment and attention to them.

4.  Attention seekers need to feel useful so help them get this 'included feeling' through positive ways and activities by teaching them what you expect from them.  Try baking together !

5.  Make sure you respond positively when they're not asking for your feedback.  Say 'well done' or 'that's such good behaviour' unexpectedly and without being asked by them when you can.

Help them feel like they 'belong' and they will

get your attention without having to ask for it...

attention seeking behaviour.jpg