Be the parent you want to be!!

Do you find it hard to listen to other mums at times and wonder how on earth they do it?

Some mums seem so perfect and can cope with everything! In my experience, it's a facade a lot of us hide behind and we are to scared to show the real us... What if someone really saw me and didn't like me anymore? Or thought what an awful mother and person I am? These are real fears for a lot of parents and trying to keep up with 'everyone' else is exhausting.

Take a deep breath and have a think of who you really are and what you think is best for your kids and family over all. Most of us actually do know more than we think and are very able if we put our minds to it. So what if someone else does it differently?? If you know what you do is the right thing, stick to your guns! Nor only are you sticking up for yourself and your values but you also show your kids what is important. You are their role model at all times so make sure you show them what is right and what is wrong.

Stand up straight and use your voice. Say what you think and stand up for your beliefs! By doing this we also allow others to dare to speak up. If we can, they can. In the nicest possible way of course!!

Enjoy the freedom of being you!