The privilege of being a parent....


I read a very humbling article the other day about a parent who, through a change in circumstances, was able to fully appreciate just how privileged we are to be able to call ourselves parents.

On the back of this article she challenged all of us to change a few words in our minds when we do that 'self-talk' thing we all do about how busy we are and how many demands are being made on us as parents.

Here's her thought:  to replace the “have to” with the words “get to”.  Those two simple words – “get to” – have the power to transform our perspective on parenting:

You get to pack lunch for the kids.

You get to take them to school.

You get to take them to the doctor and to their after-school activities.

You get to be their chef, their chauffeur, and their event planner.

No matter how many things are on our lists for the day, try and spare a moment to remember that having that list is because you are blessed to be a parent - and the time when you are the centre of all your children's needs is limited and passes quickly. 

So the next time you feel under pressure to get everything done, or feel that there are too many demands on you, switch 'I have to' with 'I get to' and see if that helps how you feel about your parenting!

Now I get to go and wake my kids up for school - lucky me !



priviledge of parenting cropped.jpg