‘Jenni & Åse created an engaging and informative session for our group of senior leaders to bring to life some of the ways in which relationships at both work and home can be more deeply understood and improved. We also left with the challenge of bringing the Swedish 'fika' to our workplaces as a way of humanising our interactions!’ - Cleo, Forward Institute‘

‘Needed a longer session, it all went to quickly! Very interactive and fun session. Think every parent should have the opportunity to do this course’ - Canon Europe

‘Enjoyed all the workshop. Sessions like this are invaluable as we need to talk more about stress and wellbeing in detail’ - Canon Europe

‘Very well presented and engaging with audience. Activities and interaction from presenters was brilliant.’ - Canon Europe

'Extremely useful and thought provoking.  So appreciate getting input on this as we have very stressful jobs'  - London Emergency Services Event    

'Things are so so much better. I think it was fairly instant actually. I think it was suddenly clear to me what I needed to do and I felt very comfortable with that place and guilt free for putting my foot down! Fairly liberating actually. My daughter is a joy now.  I think she has partly matured a little too which helps me rationalise with her.  I don’t want to jinx it but we've not had a tantrum in weeks.'  - Michelle, mother of 2, private coaching

'Very useful in terms of my own relationship as for me and the kids.' - Reigate Council

'I found the workshop really helpful in giving new tips as well as enforcing some things I'd come across before.' - Reigate Council

'A very interactive session, really enjoyed it! Every parent should have opportunity to do this course.' - Reigate Council

'So informative and great real life tips I can implement straight away.' - Maison du Velo workshop

'Very, very relatable.' - Maison du Velo workshop

'I had a number of tips overall and have been much more mindful about what I say and therefore aware how that makes them feel.' - Maison du Velo workshop

'Lots of specific words and phrases to use with the children. I'd love the workshop to be longer!!' Maison du Velo workshop

'Lots of ideas, practical and fast paced. A fun evening!' - Maison du Velo

'Great workshop, I have learned a lot this evening!' - Maison du Velo

’Family Focus joined us for Learning at Work Week and delivered a short workshop surrounding work life balance. The session was highly thought provoking and many attendees commented that they had taken away some actions to implement. Thank you for also adapting your delivery style based upon our needs and delivering a webinar version of the workshop’  - Canon UK

'It’s fun, no-one to judge you and I felt uplifted and on a high coming home! Thank you so much! I will be back' - Ivona, Mum of 2.  Maison du Velo