Emotional Wellbeing Topics

Keep calm - work it out!

How to achieve work/life balance in today's society.  Understanding our own needs and the needs of those around us arms us with the ability to cope in a more productive way. Manage/reduce stress around you without impacting life in a negative way.

Wellbeing check-up... 4U!


How are you feeling and coping? Self-awareness is key to coping with stress and finding joy in your life. Relationships and emotional awareness are key to finding your energy and sense of purpose.  A session to check in with you and your wellbeing. Go home with some renewed energy and practical ideas. You are the most important       person in your life.

Dare to be you!

Self esteem - What is it exactly? How to be independent, confident and caring. Create trust and respect with others and become a strong member of a team. How you feel affects you in every aspect of your life. With today's society, it's more important than ever for you to feel in charge of your life and choices.  Help yourself before you are able to help others.

Communication skills are the basis of any relationship at work or privately. The impact of words can be immense.  Understand how and why the language you use affects your relationship with everyone. Talk so people around you listen and listen so people talk to you!

Gift of the gab/silence
is golden!   

All 4 One - One 4 All?

Love life or change it. What are our choices today? Creating or maintaining healthy relationships around you can be challenging but it can be done. What are values and beliefs and can there be more than one set in a family or workspace?                     How do they influence how you behave?  Work to optimise these relationships and  your emotional awareness.

Parenting/Adolescent Topics

WhatsApp Adolescents...

This one is for adolescents (teens & pre-teens).  A chance to get to grips with some of the confusing areas of their lives.  We’ll cover some of the key issues they may be facing including sex, anxiety, depression, peer & social media pressure and coping with their parents!  And all of this while dealing with body and hormone changes.

Parenting the sensitive stuff!  

Are you battling to know how to talk to your child about sensitive issues like sex; relationships; drugs and grief?  Or do you need to know how to help them navigate changes in themselves or others?  This workshop is packed with communication, listening and relationship tips to give you the skills you need to help them!!

Flow into the future!

Embrace our children's generation by being involved in their online lives. Screen time, online behaviour; do’s and don’ts. Awareness can be a matter of life or death! Do you know the latest social media apps, the games and what your children are doing                                                                              online?  To know is to care!

Teen talk... (pre-teen!!)!

Are you the parent of a teen (or a wannabe teen), or are you working with teenagers?  What are the current causes for concern and what tools and skills do you need to support the teen in your life? We will help you navigate this minefield.

Strict, slack or smack
in the middle?

Look at what boundaries are and how to enforce them. Work out your parenting style and find a solution that works for all of you within the family. Be the parent you want to be. Discipline = to learn. How will the children learn what's correct if we don't show them?  It's not just what you say - it's how you say it!