Did you know:

  • 95% of employees calling in sick with stress gave a different reason.

  • 9 out of 10 people in the workplace say they wouldn’t tell people at work if they are experiencing problems with their mental health.

  • Presenteeism is estimated to cost businesses at least one and a half times as much as absenteeism.

  • Around half of all long-term sick leave in the UK is due to stress, depression and anxiety.

  • Open and supportive workplaces benefit everyone - employees, employers and the bottom line.

Parenting Support & Well Being

Family Focus UK is a Company founded by two professionals passionate about education, emotional wellbeing and parenting. The driving force in their partnership is their vast experience and knowledge base across these fields.  With years of experience they are personable and articulate facilitators who pride themselves on delivering relevant and energised workshops both locally and in corporate venues.

Local workshops

Do you have a group of friends or other couples to join you for a personalised 2-hour parenting session?  This is your chance to ask all those questions, get up-to-date parenting information and support.  A fun, interactive, skills-based workshop focusing on you!

Tailor Made On Request

Your choice of location (eg Your Home or ours)!

 Members of Institute of Directors

Members of Institute of Directors

  Family Focus UK are thrilled to be part of this inspiring initiative.

Family Focus UK are thrilled to be part of this inspiring initiative.

 Supporting minds@work

Supporting minds@work


Why Parenting?

Working parents are a big part of the works force. The stress that involves can affect them both at home and at work. By providing support, the company shows they care about them and the wellness of their families too. Offering interventions for parents at work is particularly relevant at the moment as both the government and local councils have realised the importance of parenting skills. They  feel all parents would benefit from more parenting advice.




We offer: 1 hour Seminar's over breakfast, lunch or after work on a topic of your choice.

Workshops: 2 hours duration (stand alone or as a series).

Group in-house coaching, as required.


Flexible & Interactive

Our workshops are designed to be relevant and topical.  They are tailored to the needs assessment of your Company and employees. Sessions are confidential with a positive, focused and interactive delivery.